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Tyngsboro Sports Center offers leagues, camps & clinics in soccer, basketball, football, lacrosse, volleyball, baseball, softball, field hockey, & more. We also host events, birthday parties, and fundraisers. We are family owned and operated.

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Players are taught kicking, running control, and dribbling as well as listening and following directions. We use a variety of fun games with lots of physical activities.  We do not play competitive games in this class. Saturday classes continue year round.  Our weekday classes run from September to June. 


  • Please wear athletic pants or shorts and sneakers, shin guards are not required
  • Each child will receive a SoccerKicks T-shirt for their first session
  • Classes will be held on the field turf
  • Each session is 6 weeks long unless noted  ​​    
  • This class is NON parent participation.
For Summer 2020 Classes please visit Summer WeekDay Youth Classes
Saturday Classes (6 Week Session) 
     Price: $105 (plus $15 yearly membership)   


Saturdays (8:30AM)                 09/12 - 10/17    @ Potash Hill Road         Register Here!                             


Saturdays (9:30AM)                  09/12 - 10/17    @ Potash Hill Road         Register Here!                              



Saturdays (10:30AM)               09/12 - 10/17    @ Potash Hill Road         Register Here!                                



Saturdays (11:30AM)                     09/12 - 10/17    @ Potash Hill Road         Register Here!                               



Saturdays (12:30PM)                 09/12 - 10/17    @ Potash Hill Road         Register Here!                            


Fall Weekday Strikers

(6 Week Sessions - $105)


Mondays (12:30PM)                                      09/14-10/19 @ Progress Ave.                         Register here


Tuesdays (9:15AM)                                       09/15-10/20 @ Progress Ave.                         Register here 


Tuesdays (1:30PM)                                        09/15-10/20 @ Potash Hill Rd.                     Register here


Wednesdays (10:15AM)                                09/16-10/21 @ Progress Ave.                        Register here


Wednesdays (12:30PM)                                 09/16-10/21 @ Potash Hill Rd.                    Register here


Thursdays (10:30AM)                                   09/17-10/22 @ Potash Hill Rd.                     Register here


Thursdays (11:15AM)                                   09/17-10/22 @ Progress Ave.                         Register here


Fridays (10:30AM)                                       09/18-10/23 @ Potash Hill Rd.                       Register here   


Fridays (1:30PM)                                         09/18-10/23 @ Progress Ave.                          Register here


MISSED the first day?  Call to see if we still have room, fees may be prorated. Call us at the center at 978-649-9393 with any questions

All players must have a Center membership to play (this may be done when registering by mail or online for the program).  For more details, please check out our membership page.

Tyngsboro Sports Center, 18 Progress Ave, Tyngsboro, MA 01879

Tyngsboro Sports Center, 500 Potash Hill Rd, Tyngsboro, MA 01879